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Better by Marand

Headquarters: Ljubljana

Size: 51 - 200 employees

Trading since: 1995

Membership level: Gold partner


Better is one of the leading healthcare IT solution and professional service providers. We collaborate with a variety of clients on the same goal – to set them up for the future. The future that moves towards open platforms and away from siloed solutions. The future where clinical teams can work with any digital solution provider without being tied to a particular vendor. In turn, storing data in an open, vendor-neutral format will incite vendors to innovate and create better solutions. 

Our core technological solution, the Better Platform, is well-aligned with this vision and is based on openEHR specifications. Our OPENeP product (a closed-loop medication management system) is built on top of the Better Platform and follows the same vision. Our innovations have so far taken us to 3 continents and 15 markets, including the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Norway, Finland, Italy, Slovenia.


Name Description Product type
Better Platform

Better Platform is a big-data, high-performance solution designed to store, manage, query, retrieve and exchange structured electronic health record data based on the latest release of openEHR specifications. All clinical information is stored in vendor-independent archetypes and templates, allowing standard data entry and retrieval with terminology-based validation.

EHR Platform

OPENeP is a well-designed and powerful closed loop medication management system which was developed to completely replace time-consuming, error-prone, and paper-based processes for prescribing, medication administration, and pharmacist reviews.

OPENeP fully supports even the most complex medication management scenarios in a simple and easy to use way. Decision support for situations known as “never events”, allergies, and dose range, as well as powerful integration options, empowers doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, allowing them to improve patient safety, and deliver better and more personalised medical care.

Our comprehensive system helps with work prioritisation and significantly improves communication between physicians, nurses, and pharmacists. Furthermore, it provides full access to all structured clinical data so that it can be easily exported and used to generate dashboards, discover new knowledge, and create reports to reflect on and optimise workflows.



Site name Products Customer Status
Moscow City, Russia Better Platform Moscow City Department of Information Technologies Deployed Sept. 1, 2016
University Medical Center Ljubljana, Slovenia Better Platform ,
University Medical Center Ljubljana Deployed April 15, 2010
Institute of Oncology, Ljubljana, Slovenia Better Platform ,
Institute of Oncology, Ljubljana Deployed Dec. 15, 2012
Slovenia, Slovenia Better Platform Ministry of Health, Slovenia Deployed Sept. 1, 2012
AC Healthcare, Manila, Philippines Better Platform Ayala Healthcare Deployed Jan. 15, 2017
Eurotransplant, Netherlands Better Platform Eurotransplant International Foundation Deployed Feb. 1, 2017
Diagnostiek voor U, Netherlands Better Platform Diagnostiek voor U Deployed Feb. 1, 2017
100,000 Genome information integration research project, UK, United Kingdom Better Platform 100,000 Genome information integration research project, UK Deployed April 3, 2017

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