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EHRbase is an open source software backend for clinical application systems and electronic health records. EHRbase strives to give organizations a modern, standard-compliant and bedrock-solid foundation for their mission critical business operations and their next generation eHealth solutions. All services are accessible through the official openEHR REST API, including endpoints for the Archetype Query Language.

Main contributors are German health IT company vitagroup, ADOC Software Development Co. and Peter L. Reichertz Institute for Medical Informatics (Hannover Medical School).

Find more about EHRbase here.

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EHRServer is an open source, service‐oriented, openEHR clinical data repository. It provides a secure REST API to store and query clinical data in many ways, supporting standard formats like JSON and XML, that are easy to integrate with any front‐end application. Data queries can be created via the Administrative User Interface, with the powerful and easy to use EHRServer Query Builder. EHRServer complies with the openEHR specifications , leveraging the openEHR Information Model and the Dual Modeling methodology, using standard Archetypes and Templates.

Sample EMRs

OPT Toolkit

EHRServer clients

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EtherCIS (Ethereal Clinical Information System) is an Open Source platform compatible with the openEHR standard. It is designed to allow simple interactions with clients using RESTful API and persist clinical data in a separate DB engine. (more).

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An advanced Clinical Data Repository that functions as an inexhaustible source of health data, based on the openEHR specifications.

Better Platform

Better Platform is a big-data, high-performance solution designed to store, manage, query, retrieve and exchange structured electronic health record data based on the latest release of openEHR specifications. All clinical information is stored in vendor-independent archetypes and templates, allowing standard data entry and retrieval with terminology-based validation.

DIPS Arena

DIPS EPR is a robust, reliable electronic patient record system, running 24/7 across the country in 73% of Norwegian hospitals. In fact, five of the seven university hospitals in Norway use DIPS EPR, providing vital functionality to 57,000 professional users.

The DIPS EPR systems cover a wide range of products:

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Nursing documentation and treatment planning
  • Integrated EPR scanning system
  • Medication and prescriptions
  • Workflow and process management
  • Electronic Document Interchange (HL7 and XML)
  • Booking and operation theatre management

EHRDB is a database and platform for building healthcare IT solutions with openEHR standards:

  • allows to create a long-term CDR storage for patient records with ability to run AQL queries;
  • fast solution that can be scaled from a single medical organisation to a regional or national level providing high availability and fault tolerance;
  • designed to be scaled horizontally from a single server to a large cluster with multiple nodes;
  • provides a set of tools allowing to create  healthcare applications by separating business processes from clinical data;
  • supports running analytics on clinical data at population level.
EHR Docs

EHR Docs is a storage for electronic documents which is digitally signed by clinicians:

  • provides a set of services that can be used to create clinical application that implement business processes for working with documents;
  • designed to be scaled horizontally from a single server to a large cluster with multiple nodes level providing high availability and fault tolerance;
  • provides an integration with openEHR CDR to store clinical content
EHR Forms

EHR Forms is a WYSIWYG form builder based on openEHR:

  • hides the complexity of clinical documents based on openEHR and decreases development costs;
  • reusable forms, widgets and UI elements between applications;
  • reusable blocks between forms;
  • allows users to create one form for multiple openEHR templates from different templates;
  • allows to use different visual component libraries from third party developers;
  • action concept allows decision support when the user interacts with a user interface
EHR Index

EHR Index is a solution for building fast and high load applications using openEHR platforms:
• provides a fast backend service allowing to build UI with patients lists by combining clinical (openEHR) and business application data from different data sources;
• provides a near real-time synchronization services allowing users to search, sort and aggregate materialized data with minimum workload to EHR and other business application servers.
• allows to process and load historical data from different data sources including openEHR CDR
• allows to perform fast analytics requests on population data from openEHR CDR

EHR Locator

EHR Locator is designed to migrate clinical patient data (EHR) between multiple repositories:
• allows to build federated openEHR clinical storage;
• provides information about the location of the medical record (EHR);
• allows to work with multiple clinical data repositories like with single one.

Fluance Five

This web based EHR is using "Better Platform" and "Better OPENeP". Our innovative modular open source product is Swiss- and tailor-made. You can have it in the cloud or on premise. It’s responsive and usable on any device.

Health Passport

The Health Passport is an innovative solution to store and utilise patient health data in accordance with open standards — with the added benefit of blockchain technology. The platform is designed to empower patients, whilst delivering the following benefits:


  • puts the patient in full control of their health data
  • utilises blockchain technology to ensure privacy and auditability
  • avoids vendor lock-in through the adoption of open standards
  • supports third-party applications on a "Platform As A Service" model

The platform can be used in general practice, hospitals or in social care, as well as incorporating health data from other sources such as wearables — health monitors and IoT devices. This provides patients with a single, secure point of access to their health information and control over how it is used.

Medicalchain’s Health Passport will allow the patient to access their health data all in one place, through their mobile app or web browser.


Is a clinical data repository based on the open source stack 'EHRbase' for structurally and semantically interoperable clinical applications, which aggregates health data in a patient-centred, harmonised and independent way from individual application systems.

Included modules:

CDR Base: Extends the basic functions from EHRbase open source through plug-ins and add-ons to enable secure, scalable and efficient operation, as well as integration into system landscapes.

CDR Bridge: Provides for the integration of existing systems and applications and includes connectors for various protocols and transmission paths.

CDR Suite: Is the graphical user interface and the central administration tool of the HIP CDR.

Find more about HIP CDR for hospitals here.

Medical Workflows

Orchestrating executable medical workflows with support for openEHR CDR.

Clinical pathways, clinical guidelines, clinical protocols, clinical workflows, clinical best practices, task planning, care coordination plans, care pathways, nursing care plans, clinical process modeling, medical process modeling, healthcare practice patterns, plans and decision logic, process and reasoning models,...

There are so many different names to describe what these diagrams represent - I call them Medical Flows.


OceanEHR eHealth platform

OceanEHR eHealth platform - Ocean Health Systems' OceanEHR platform provides a proven, highly available, greatly scalable, completely flexible and standards based environment for a modern (and future-proof) electronic health record. OceanEHR provides a complete platform for building modern applications for any need across the spectrum of health including cloud-based, SAAS and mobile systems.

openEHR Forms

Select operational templates you wish to use in the same application. Click generate. Wait 10 seconds. Your application is ready

It is a Flutter app that runs on: 

  • iOS / iPadOS
  • Android
  • web browser
  • Windows/Ubuntu desktop

When you change your templates or there is a new releases of major archetypes, you re-run the generator and few seconds later, your applications and forms are rebuilt and ready to use. 

With NeoEHR, you will get results faster, eliminate usage fees, retain high customization capabilities and full control over the codebase of your solution.

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