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Better by Marand at Vitalis 2019
Better by Marand will be participating strongly at 2019 Vitalis, the largest eHealth event in Scandinavia, which will be held in Gothenburg from 21 to 23 May 2019.

HIMSS & Health 2.0, Helsinki, June 11-13
HIMSS & Health 2.0

Join Tieto at HIMSS & Health 2.0 conference in Helsinki, June 11-13
Tieto at HIMSS & Health 2.0

HiGHmed will base its open platform approach on Better Platform
Better by Marand has won the tender to deliver openEHR Clinical Data Repositories to build the HiGHmed platform for three university hospitals in Germany: Heidelberg, Göttingen and Hanover.

GDL2 Guideline Language v2 specification released
GDL2 Guideline Language v2 released, incorporating lessons from 6 years' industrial use

Malta goes openEHR with Better by Marand
Better by Marand has won the National Electronic Health Records and related support and maintenance tender in Malta. Its National Electronic Health Records (NEHR) will use our Better Platform to implement a mature, future-proof national EHR and care coordination platform for collecting and storing patient health data.

The latest release of the Better Platform supports INTEROPen CareConnect FHIR APIs to access openEHR data
With the March 2019 release of the Better Platform, Better by Marand brings FHIR APIs for greater interoperability. This feature is part of the Better Platform and enables automatic mapping of openEHR models to FHIR resources.

Better by Marand participating at Digital Healthcare Day in Stockholm
Better CEO and openEHR Foundation Board Member Tomaz Gornik to speak at Digital Healthcare Day organised by Dagens Medicin Sweden in Stockholm on 27 March.

Better by Marand will be participating at Rewired conference at Olympia London on 26 March
Better by Marand will be participating at Rewired conference at Olympia London on 26 March

Better by Marand takes part in Hacking Health in Strasbourg
Amongst the speakers on the opening day, 22 March, will be Better by Marand CEO and openEHR Foundation Board Member Tomaz Gornik discussing the future of the Electronic Health Record

Report on openEHR by Tieto and HL7 Finland Association
All basic openEHR info in one report

New SEC member Matija Polajnar
SEC: Boštjan Lah resignation; election of Matija Polajnar

MedInfo 2019 Lyon
MedInfo 26-30 Aug 2019, Lyon, France

Development and Management of Patient Registries Data
Marand CEO and openEHR Board co-chair Tomaž Gornik, speaking at Patient Registries Data event in Athens, MoH on 11th January 2019

Cambio gives the power to the people with CDS workshop
Cambio takes CDS to the frontline with last week’s workshop on Creating Standards-Based Decision Support, with the Scotland National Decision Support Programme, Glasgow

Application-centric and data-centric interoperability
To unleash innovation, IT has to start moving from the current state to a data-centric world. This requires three fundamental steps: integrate, open, innovate.

BASE Release 1.1.0 Published
BASE component Release 1.1.0 has published by openEHR SEC

Finland takes a step forward in recognising openEHR
Marand and CGI agree to expand openEHR cooperation from the UK to Finland

Future of clinical information is open
Follow Tieto's openEHR approach – new report on openEHR coming early 2019!

Marand CEO to speak in Athens
Marand CEO speaking at Hellenic Ministry of Health Patient Registries Data event, Friday 11 January

CKM 2018 News
2018 CKM achievements and momentum by Heather Leslie

RM Release 1.0.4 published
RM Release 1.0.4 published

CDS Summer App Challenge 2018
Results of CDS Summer App Challenge 2018

Future Governance for openEHR
Revised articles of the Foundation approved at the AGM

openEHR REST API 1.0.0
openEHR REST API 1.0.0 released

openEHR Foundation AGM, October 22nd, 2018
Report from the Chair – Professor David Ingram

Marand discussed openEHR at CRIS system 10th birthday
At the CRIS conference in London, Marand Head of Clinical Applications, Anže Droljc, gave a talk about freeing the potential of EHR data for research

Marand CEO gave a keynote speech at the Allscripts Innovation Summit
Marand CEO Tomaz Gornik gave a keynote speech at the Allscripts Innovation Summit in London Savoy Hotel on 29 November.

Marand run an openEHR workshop at eHWDC 2018 in Abu Dhabi
The objective of the in-depth workshop, which was held on 27 November, was to present state-of-the-art implementation technologies in health care. Attendees learned about the cutting-edge EHR system and software technology and gained a better understanding of the technical background to openEHR.

Marand CEO spoke at The Digital Health Malta Ecosystem Gathering
The Digital Health Malta Ecosystem Gathering (a member of the ECHAlliance International Connected Health Ecosystem Network) entitled Digital Health Innovations for Better Healthcare took place at the Microsoft Innovation Centre, Malta on 20 November from 09.30 to 16.00.

Oslo Nov 2018 SEC meeting report
The recent SEC meeting in Oslo made great progress, including releases of REST APIs, RM 1.0.4

SEC f2f meeting Oslo 5-7 Nov
The openEHR Specifications Editorial Committee (SEC) will be having a face to face meeting in Oslo, 5-7 Nov 2018, hosted courtesy of DIPS.

Management Board Update
Update to October 2018

Marand takes part in CBIS 2018
CBIS 2018 is the biggest health informatics event in Latin America. Tomorrow, Marand’s Health Informatics Engineer Samuel Frade will present an article entitled Governance of openEHR based local repository compliant with openEHR Clinical Knowledge Manager

Marand takes part in CBIS 2018 – Brazilian Congress of Health In
CBIS 2018 is the biggest health informatics event in Latin America. Tomorrow, Marand’s Health Informatics Engineer Samuel Frade will present an article entitled Governance of openEHR based local repository compliant with openEHR Clinical Knowledge Manager

Open platforms seminar held 13 September 2018, Oslo
Video Presentations

Musgrove Park Hospital to deliver OPENeP
With Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton, the implementation of OPENeP is just the start, and we are aiming for a marathon, not a sprint there

openEHR Management Board Election Results July 2018
The results of openEHR Management Board Election Results July 2018 have been announced

New SEC members Sebastian Garde and Seref Arikan
We announce the addition of two new SEC members Sebastian Garde and Seref Arikan, who both bring a great depth of knowledge and experience to openEHR.

openEHR Asia Summit
The openEHR Asia summit will be broadcast via youtube from 10:00(JST), on the 28th July, 2018

Nomination for openEHR Foundation Management Board Positions
Nomination date EXTENDED to 30th June

New openEHR Ambassadors
New Ambassadors for Germany and South America

Open platforms Seminar, Oslo
What is an open platform

openEHR Clinical Modelling Workshop
The gap between the aspiration and the reality of the promise of improving care with effective IT remains one of the key challenges facing us today.

openEHR Asia Summit and NPO openEHR Japan General Assembly
Free event, open to all interested in openEHR. Early booking advised.

openEHR Day April 2018 Plymouth Videos/presentations
Videos and presentations from the openEHR day held in April in Plymouth UK

Marand partners with Tieto at Vitalis 2018
arand’s CEO and Co-Chair of openEHR Foundation, Tomaž Gornik, will join Inge Andersson, Head of Offering & Portfolio at Tieto Healthcare & Welfare Nordic, on stage at the largest eHealth event in Scandinavia, Vitalis 2018.

openEHR open data platforms in medical informatics
18th June, Germany 2nd HIGHmed Symposium

Marand at conhIT in Berlin
Marand’s team will be available at conhIT in Berlin (17 – 19 April 2018, Hall 4.2, booth E-114) to showcase and discuss a health data platform Think!EHR Platform™ and a closed loop medication management system OPENeP.

OpenEHR within a mature NHS Ecosystem
– the Plymouth Perspective - Videos

Marand's mobile application helps doctors take care of their patients
Marand's mobile application helps doctors take care of their patients back home.

Inpeco partners up with Marand: Reliable data supporting diagnostic pr
Inpeco partners up with Marand: Reliable data supporting diagnostic process and care Inpeco, the world's leading lab automation solution provider, selected Marand's Think!EHR Platform as the data management and persistence layer for its Total Patient Management solution.

openEHR Day: Helsinki 20.3. & Stockholm 21.3.
Learn more about the opportunities and challenges of openEHR

Marand CEO, Tomaz Gornik speaking at HIMSS18 in Las Vegas
During his presentation at the annual HIMSS Conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday, March 7th, Tomaž Gornik, Co-Chair of openEHR Foundation and CEO at Marand, will address the issues of sharing clinical records across applications and organisations.

REST APIs Release 0.9.0
REST APIs Release 0.9.0 out for comment

openEHR Foundation become Associate Partners of HiGHmed
openEHR Foundation are delighted to become an Associate Partner of HiGHmed. The HiGHmed project aims to develop and use innovative information infrastructures to increase the efficiency of clinical research and to swiftly translate research results into validated improvements of patient care.

Transparency creates a genuinely customer-oriented ecosystem
Tieto blogs on openEHR

2nd Arctic Conference on openEHR
2nd Arctic Conference on openEHR and Archetype-based Clinical Information Systems

Management Board Update to November 2017
Find out what's been happening since the last update.

openEHR QUERY component Release 1.0.0
openEHR QUERY component Release 1.0.0 released 15 Nov 2017

openEHR Terminology Release 2.1.0
openEHR TERM component Release 2.1.0 released 08 Nov 2017

Marand CEO speaking on Postmodern EHR at HISI 2017 in Dublin
arand is a Diamond Sponsor of 22nd HISI Annual Conference & Scientific Symposium, which is taking place on 15th and 16th of November in Dublin, Ireland.

Cambio goes openEHR with CDS Apps
Cambio Healthcare Systems is further strengthening the openEHR vision with the UK launch of its openEHR based clinical decision support (CDS) platform.

DevDays 23rd and 24th November, London
Hands-on DevDays workshops

17 NHS trusts to use OpenEHR for 100,000 Genomes Project
Article by DigitalHealth

Serif Arikan's PhD thesis published
Seref Arikan, has published his ground-breaking PhD thesis, on An implementation focused evaluation of openEHR and its integration with Bayesian Belief Networks for clinical decision support, in the UCL online repository.

openEHR Task Planning
Update blog by Thomas Beale

Marand speaking about Postmodern EHR at Eurotransplant's Jubilee Congr
Marand is one of the sponsors of Eurotransplant’s Jubilee Congress, which is dedicated to its 50th anniversary. The event is taking place from October 4-6, 2017, at Noordwijk in the Netherlands, under the main theme “Together on life-saving mission”. One of the topics discussed on

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust To Launch Ground-Breaking e-prescribing O
Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust To Launch Ground-Breaking Electronic System For Prescription And Medications Management

New openEHR Ambassador - Philippines
Appointment of new openEHR Ambassador- Philippines - Ryan Julius A. Bañnez, MD

openEHR Day 22nd November, London
Explore the opportunities and challenges of openEHR

First Hospital Based on Open Platform Achieves HIMSS EMRAM Stage 6
Ljubljana Children’s Hospital and PICU, operating within the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia is the first hospital in the world using a clinical system based on an Open Platform to be awarded the Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) level 6 by the Healthcare Informati

openEHR welcomed in the Partner Forum
openEHR welcomed in the Partner Forum

NHS & OpenEHR: Facilitating Interoperability in Health IT
Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, in partnership with Marand, is hosting an event exploring the opportunities and challenges of OpenEHR. The event will take place on Wednesday, September 20, 2017, in Manchester, United Kingdom.

The NHS & openEHR event held 20 Sept '17
Interoperability, exploring the opportunities and challenges of openEHR

Medinfo, China - August 2017
The 16th World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics (MedInfo2017)

HEC / MIE 2016
openEHR attended and exhibited at this event

openEHR in Action - video 3/3
Video 3 of 3

openEHR getting visibility in Finland
Digitalisation and new technologies at the center in Finnish Social & Healthcare IT Days.

White paper by Tieto: Future of clinical information is Open
Future of clinical information is Open

Marand CEO presenting on openEHR at HIMSS Philippines Community Event
Tomaž Gornik, CEO of Marand, will speak about the postmodern practices in Electronic Health Records (EHR) at the first HIMSS Philippines Community event themed “Healthcare in the Digital Age”.

openEHR on the move - video 2/3
Video 2 of 3

It's Time for openEHR - Video 1 of 3
First in a series of 3 videos - Understanding openEHR

New Gartner Report on openEHR
New Gartner Report - Evaluate openEHR Standards for Managing Clinical Content Across the Care Continuum

CDS Summer App Challenge 2017
CDS Summer App Challenge 2017

Marand Think!EHR Platform™ to underpin EMR solutions for FamilyD
Ayala Healthcare Holdings, Inc. (AC Health), selected Marand Think!EHR Platform™ to underpin the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions for FamilyDOC.

Marand at Hospitalar Fair and Forum in Brasil
You can visit Marand's team of experts at the leading healthcare event in the Americas, which is taking place from 16th to 19th May in Sao Paulo, Brasil. Marand's will be showcasing its solutions, including Think!EHR Platform™, and discussing our reference projects at booth 11-166-Verde.

Marand with Ankaref at HIMSS Turkey 2017
Between 11th and 13th of May Istanbul will host HIMSS Turkey 2017, a conference and exhibition dedicated to health informatics.

Marand at Health 2.0 Europe 2017
Marand is one of the sponsors of Health 2.0 Europe, taking place from the 3rd to the 5th May 2017 in Barcelona.

Marand showcasing Think!EHR Platform™ and OPENeP at UK eHealth w
One of the most challenging aspects of healthcare is medication management. To address these challenges Marand developed comprehensive and innovative medication management product - OPENeP.

Management Board Update
Meetings Update to April 2017

Marand showcasing Think!EHR Platform™ and Think!Meds™ at c
Marand will be presenting its “Integrate. Open. Innovate.” vision for healthcare IT, Think!EHR Platform™ and Think!Meds™ at Europe's leading event for health IT (booth C-120 in Hall 1.2).

Marand participating at the largest eHealth event in Scandinavia
Marand will be showcasing its Think!EHR Platform™ at the largest eHealth event in Scandinavia, Vitalis.

Marand speaking at the Digital Health Conference in Russia
Tomaž Gornik, CEO of Marand, will give a presentation on the Postmodern EHR at the first International Digital Health Conference in Russia, which is taking place on 20 and 21 April 2017 in Moscow.

openEHR in China 2016
Prof. Huilong Duan, the Chairman of the Conference and China openEHR Ambassador reports on progress with openEHR during 2016.

Diagnostiek Voor U Selects Marand’s Think!EHR Platform
Diagnostiek Voor U Selects Marand’s Think!EHR Platform to Underpin their Digital Transformation Strategy

Symposium on secondary use and nation-wide EHR project in Japan
Joint symposium, CISA(Platform for Clinical Information Statistics and Analysis) and nation-wide EHR project Japan - Bridge to the future, enable to use clinical data for global collaboration

Proposed major RM extension spec - Planned Tasks
new draft specification available for open review, called Task Planning Information Model

Moscow City to expand use of Think!EHR Platform to all city hospitals
After rollout of applications based on Think!EHR Platform™ to primary care institutions, Moscow City’s Department of Information Technology decided to use the same platform to build solutions for over one hundred public hospitals.

Successful openEHR EHR implementation featured in WHO eHealth report
A state-wide EHR in Australia has been showcased as an example of a successful EHR implementation by a recent WHO eHealth report

Seeking views on proposed openEHR Governance changes
The Board of Governors and Management Board is proposing changes to the top-level governance of openEHR.

Eurotransplant selects Think! EHRPlatform™
Leiden, December 12, 2016 – Today, a license agreement for purchase and implementation of a clinical data application for CORE (successor of the current ENIS system) was signed.

openEHR Management Board
2016 News Roundup

Tomaž Gornik at the eHealth Ireland & Northern Ireland Joint Ecos
As co-chair of the OpenEHR Foundation, and Marand's CEO Tomaž Gornik will be presenting on “Imperative for Common Standards – what are the benefits and opportunities?” at the eHealth Ireland & Northern Ireland 1st Joint Ecosystem Gathering on December 1st 2016.

Marand exhibits at CBIS 2016 - XV Brazilian Congress of Health Informa
World-leading healthcare and IT professionals, managers, academics, companies and universities, suppliers and users from both the public and the private sector are coming together to discuss ideas, fundamentals, applications and policies related to Health Informatics in Brazil and the world.

Marand moderating a session at the CIO Summit at WOHIT 2016 in Barcelo
Tomaž Gornik, CEO of Marand, will moderate a session entitled ”The CIO as Regional Leader” at WOHIT 2016 in Barcelona, November 21st at 12:00.

openEHR/FHIR Educationl Days, Stockholm 22-23 November 2016
Swedish Medtech are hosting two free educational days about openEHR and HL7 FHIR

Marand signs contract to create an ecosystem for health, mobility, act
A total of six sub-projects worth €8.66 million, implemented over a three-year period will make up the EkoSMART project, directed primarily at the areas of health, mobility, active lifestyle and wellbeing.

Marand CEO will speak at the 2016 Connected Health Symposium
Marand CEO will speak at the 2016 Connected Health Symposium, on October 20-21 in Boston, MA.

First 'Micro startup' Industry Partner joins openEHR
The first Industry Partner has joined openEHR at the new Micro startup rate

Christian Chevalley elected to SEC
Christian Chevalley (EtherCIS) elected to Specifications Editorial Committee

Thomas Beale appointed to Board of Governors
Thomas Beale has been appointed to Board of Governors.

Postmodern – the new EHR paradigm – at Swiss eHealth Summi
Tomaž Gornik, CEO of Marand and Co-Chair of openEHR Foundation, will present at the largest Swiss eHealth event. The data models are key. They give meaning to the data. Unless vendors release the data models, true sharing, interoperability and collaboration will not take off.

CGI, Marand and Apperta in partnership to deliver OPENeP across NHS
Apperta, in partnership with CGI and Marand are pleased to announce OPENeP - an Open-Source medication management product developed by Marand, in collaboration with the NHS and supported by CGI’s expertise in the integration and implementation of health IT systems. 

Marand to present on Postmodern EHRs at OSEHRA Open Source Summit
Tomaž Gornik, CEO of Marand, will speak at OSEHRA Open Source Summit in Washington DC, the largest annual event in open source health-technologies in the USA.

Management Board Update
May 2016

Marand presenting Think!EHR PlatformTM at eHealthWeek in Amsterdam
Marand presenting the first eHealth platform to combine IHE and openEHR at eHealthWeek in Amsterdam

Marand at Hospitalar - São Paulo, Brazil
Marand will be showcasing its leading Think!EHR PlatformTM at the Booth Rua K / 98. Meet us there to find out how our “Integrate. Open. Innovate.” approach is being used to build truly postmodern EHRs in South America, too.

openEHR China activities - April, 2016
A summary of openEHR meetings held in China in April, 2016

Marand moderating a session on Postmodern EHRs at Health 2.0 Europe
Tomaž Gornik, CEO of Marand will moderate a session on Postmodern EHRs at Health 2.0 Europe in Barcelona, May 12th at 10:15. The session will focus on moving beyond today’s monolithic solutions by decoupling applications from health data, opening them up to integration and avoiding vendor loc

First openEHR meetings held in Shanghai, China
Last week an event was hosted by the ambassadors for openEHR in China and an openEHR presentation featured at the China mHealth & Medical Software conference

Marand exhibits at e-Health Week in London
At eHealthWeek UK Anže Droljc of Marand will talk about how healthcare IT should address the complexities and opportunities of healthcare today and how Marand’s medication management system – OPENeP is leveraging the Postmodern architecture.

New openEHR Ambassador for China
Prof. Huilong Duan is appointed as openEHR Ambassador to China

New Ambassador Poland
Krzysztof Kulesza openEHR Ambassador Poland

Management Board Update Jan / Feb 2016
Meetings update Jan / Feb

Health IT; lead or be led; training in Australia
Ocean Informatics and eHealth Education combine to deliver this training course about how openEHR information models and SNOMED CT can work together.

Inaugural openEHR 'unconference'
The very first openEHR unconference will be held on Jan 22, 2016 in Kyoto, Japan

openEHR clinical modelling training in Japan
The first training course in openEHR clinical modelling will be held in Kyoto, Japan on January 20-21, 2016

openEHR Japan Associationformally established
openEHR Japan Association established December 2015

Slovenia builds Arthroplasty register on OpenEHR
Slovenia launches their National Arthroplasty Registry of Slovenia (RES) on the OpenEHR platform

Slovenia builds Athroplasty register on OpenEHR
Slovenia launches their National Arthroplasty Registry of Slovenia (RES) on the OpenEHR platform

Management Board Update
2015 News Round-up

RM Release-1.0.3
Release 1.0.3 of the RM is published

Adverse Reaction Archetype Published
Archetype is the result of activity in each of the openEHR, NEHTA and Nasjonal IKT CKMs

Management Board Update Aug / Sept 2015
Meetings update Aug / Sept

New openEHR White Paper
New openEHR White Paper - the vendor-neutral eHealth platform

Digital Health World Forum 2015
openEHR presenting at Digital Health World Forum 2015

2 day seminar: The clinical challenge - to lead or be led by health-IT
The focus of these educational days in Linköping is on how clinicians, and healthcare organizations, can get more control of the development of electronic health record systems and as a result, faster changes.

2 day training course: Introduction to clinical modelling
Helse Bergen are conducting a 2 day introductory course in Bergen on 3-4 November, 2015

openEHR selected as part of NHS England interoperability strategy
Read about the strategy, download the Interoperability Handbook

Ocean rises to target PHNs and integrated care market
Ocean Informatics is set to use the success of their LinkedEHR platform to offer its services and technology to more PHNs

New open source tools available for openEHR archetype development
Marand open sources ADL Designer, a web-based reference implementation of clinical modelling tools for openEHR archetype development compliant with ADL 2.0.5 specification.

openEHR at Medinfo 2015
openEHR @ Medinfo2015

Marand takes part in MEDINFO'15 Conference in São Paulo, Brazil
Marand will be showcasing Think!EHR Platform™ at the openEHR booth at MEDINFO’15 in São Paulo, Brazil, from August 19-23, 2015.

Management Board Update June / July 2015
Meetings update June / July

openEHR presenting at the Digital Health World Forum
The Digital Health World Forum – 8th December 2015, London UK

Think!EHR Platform chosen by Hospital Sírio-Libanês
Marand has signed a contract with Hospital Sírio-Libanês, one of the premier healthcare institutions in South America. Hospital Sírio-Libanês will use Think!EHR Platform™ as a vendor-neutral structured data repository as well as a foundation for the development of a s

The Digital Health World Forum – 8th December 2015, London UK
Ian McNicoll, Co-Chair openEHR Management Board is speaking at this event.

Medinfo 2015
15th World Congress on Health and Biomedical Informatics (MEDINFO 2015) will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, organized by the Brazilian Health Informatics Association (SBIS).

Management Board Update – April/May 2015
Meetings Update – April/May 2015

Stack Exchange area
openEHR Stack Exchange area proposal

Specifications Committee May 2015 meeting
openEHR Specifications Ed. Comm. (SEC) working on roadmap of next releases

Marand sponsors mHealth Summit at eHealth Week in Riga, Latvia
As a Contributing sponsor, Marand will showcase Think!EHR Platform at mHealth Summit and eHealth Week in Riga, Latvia, May 11-12, 2015

openEHR presents at e-Helse 2015, Oslo
Thomas Beale will present on the openEHR platform in Norway

openEHR presents to Stockholm County Council and Karolinska
openEHR Foundation presentation to Stockholm County Council on the open e-health platform conceptt

Ocean Informatics Shared Care GP system a model for the future
Western Sydney is trialling a new model of shared care with Ocean's LinkedEHR Care Planning solution

Election results - openEHR Management Board
New Management Board election results annnounced

Election results - openEHR Management Board
New Management Board election results annnounced

Marand to showcase at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
Marand will participate as an exhibitor and sponsor at the upcoming Health & Wellness track of the Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona, Spain from 2-5 March, 2015.

Specifications Editorial Committee (SEC) formation
The new openEHR SEC has been created and will commence work on 2015 releases.

Membership and Management Board elections
Update on Management Board elections

Management Board election update
Update on openEHR Management Board elections.

Marand CEO to speak about open health data at HIMSS Integrated Health
Marand CEO Tomaz Gornik will speak about the use of the "open data, open APIs" concept in several real world use cases at the upcoming HIMSS Integrated Health Innovations Conference in Dubai, held at the Ritz Carlton DIFC, Dubai from 17-18 December 2014.

ADL 2 Workbench Release
A new release of the ADL Workbench is available. It implements the latest draft of the ADL/AOM 2 formalism, and offers numerous functional improvements.

Marand open sources Medication Management code to NHS OPENeP project
Marand is pleased to announce the release of its Medication Management solution as open source software under the AGPL license in order to enable its use free of charge in the OPENeP project which is being supported by NHS England.

Marand to present at Health 2.0 Meetup in Amsterdam, November 26, 2014
Think!EHR Platform lead developer Bostjan Lah to present and participate in panel on "The future of the EMR (EPD) & the Healthcare Consumer"

Marand takes part in International HL7 FHIR Developer Days 2014
The International HL7 FHIR Developer Days 2014 will be held on November 24th-26th in Amsterdam. Think!EHR Platform lead developer Bostjan Lah will represent Marand at the event.

openEHR board elections
openEHR Foundation membership and board elections; nominations close 28 Dec

Ocean Informatics supporting projects in Brazil's Ministry of Health
Brazil is actively moving towards developing an openEHR eHealth environment

openEHR archetype publication sprint IS GO!
The first phase of the Industry Group sponsored archetype sprint has commenced.

openEHR 2014 roadmap meeting report
The report of this meeting is now available on the website.

Pulse+IT Magazine: A project for better collaboration
An article on collaboration between FHIR and openEHR in Australia's Pulse+IT magazine, by Bridget Kirkham.

Marand's Think!EHR Platform wins EU SME Instrument of Horizon 2020
Marand among 155 SMEs selected from 2,662 proposals

Marand CEO to speak about open health data at Health 2.0 Europe
Marand CEO Tomaz Gornik will speak as part of a panel titled "From big to smart and open-just how we like data!" at the upcoming Health 2.0 Europe conference in London

openEHR Foundation Update
openEHR membership, elections and governance changes

openEHR Roadmap meeting Oslo
A face to face meeting in Oslo, 16/17 Sep 2014, will be held to work on the openEHR roadmap, governance and future development.

Marand presented at Arctic Conference on Dual-Model based CDS
Hosted by the Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine, the conference was a great opportunity to meet the most relevant figures in the area of health informatics and discuss the challenges in interoperability and clinical knowledge management we are currently facing.

Marand to present at HL7 AID User Group in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Marand will present at Application Implementation and Design HL7 "User Group" out-of-cycle meeting to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014.

Arctic conf on dual-level modelling - resources
Videos of presentations from Arctic conf 2014

DIPS ASA to use and distribute Think!EHR Platform in Norway
Marand and DIPS ASA announced they are entering into a distribution agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, DIPS ASA will use and distribute Think!EHR Platform in the Norwegian healthcare market.

Marand advocates open health data at meeting with Neelie Kroes
Among a select group of innovative SMEs, Marand CEO Tomaz Gornik attended attended lunch with Neelie Kroes, European Commission Vice President responsible for the Digital Agenda Europe on Monday, May 12th at eHealth Forum 2014 in Athens, Greece.

CRITICAL Software to use and distribute Think!EHR Platform
Marand and CRITICAL Software announced they are entering into a partnership agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, CRITICAL Software will use and distribute Think!EHR Platform in the healthcare markets of Portugal and Brasil

Marand to showcase Think!EHR Platform at eHealth Forum 2014 in Athens
Marand will participate at eHealth Forum 2014 ( from May 12-14, 2014 at the Megaron Athens International ConferenceCentre (MAICC) by exhibiting the latest release of our health data platform.

Pulse+IT Magazine: It's all about the data
An article on CKM and its deployment in Australia's Pulse+IT magazine, by Heather Leslie.

Ocean and Marand deploy CKM at Slovenia MoH
The Ocean Informatics CKM was deployed at the Slovenia Minstry of Health on February 2014 under a contract managed by Marand, supplier of National health information exchange network

Arctic Conference on Dual-Model based CDA & KM
Arctic Conference on Dual-Model based Clinical Decision Support and Knowledge Management - find out about GDL, ADL 1.5, openEHR apps...

Think!EHR Platform awarded second prize
At World of Health IT Conference and Exhibition (WoHIT) 2014, Think!EHR Platform was awarded second at eHealthcompetition for "Best eHealth Solution developed by an EU SME"

Marand platform in last 16 for best EU SME eHealth solution
Marand Think!EHR Platform chosen in last 16 from 150 entries for best eHealth solution by an EU SME

ADL Workbench 1.5beta10 released
New release of the ADL 1.5 workbench available on 3 platforms. Numerous enhancements, close to final version of ADL.

Press Release: openEHR 'in vivo'
openEHR Foundation announces Industry Partner program to develop new release, 50 new archetypes, and compliance criteria.

Marand Think!Med adds SMART
Marand adds the Harvard SMART API to enable it to offer both the SMART Pediatric Growth Chart and SMART Blood Pressure Centiles apps

AOM 1.5 update - more powerful, easier to implement
Latest AOM draft removes openEHR special syntax, improves model of basic types.

OMG e-health summit openEHR participation
Thomas Beale and Rong Chen attended the OMG e-health summit this week, devised and facilitated by Ken Rubin (HP health vertical).

New draft of Knowledge Artefact Identification specification
For those interested in the specification for Knowledge Artefact Identification (including archetypes, templates and terminology subsets), a major rewrite of the previous draft is now available on Wiki.

Think!EHR Platform certifies four IHE profiles
At the recently concluded IHE Connectathon 2013 held in Istanbul, Turkey, Marand's Think!EHR Platform™ v2.1 received certification for four IHE Integration profiles.

openEHR standard, available tools for clinicians
On Friday, 19. April, Ing. Pablo Pasoz Gutiérrez will give a talk at the Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Argentina, about openEHR. This will be transmitted and recorded online.

openEHR Primary Care project starts in Salvador, Brazil
Gustavo M. Bacelar-Silva MD has launched a new project "openEHR-based pervasive health information system for primary care: First Brazilian Experience for Public Care" at SENAI - Cimatec (industrial college in Salvador).

Guideline Definition Language (GDL) first release
We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the design specifications of Guideline Definition Language (GDL) and its reference implementation under open source software licenses.

Professor Dipak Kalra becomes President of EuroRec
In a slightly belated announcement, the Foundation would like to recognise that Professor Dipak Kalra MD, PhD, head of department at the UCL Center for Health Informatics and Multi-Professional Education (CHIME) and openEHR board member, took office as president of Eurorec.

CKM upgraded to include projects and other features
A major new release of the openEHR Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM) went online today. This release is a major upgrade to CKM which provides improved 'governance units', and also gets closer to the ultimate goal of an end-to-end tool chain.

Archetype Editor 2.2.905 beta
We are pleased to announce that Archetype Editor 2.2.905 beta has just been released. Find out more information on the tool page.

IBS and Moscow city to host second openEHR Workshop
The second part of a series of seminars on the use of the international open standard medical management, storage and exchange of electronic medical records (openEHR) will be hosted in Moscow.

Erik Sundvall's EHR PhD thesis published online
Erik Sundvall's PhD thesis entitled "Scalability and Semantic Sustainability in Electronic Health Record Systems" is now available online. It contains many openEHR-related papers and discussions.

Publications on openEHR and open source
A special issue of the Canadian journal, Technology Innovation Management Review, has just been published and features open source software sustainability.

IBS consortium including three openEHR vendors to build Moscow eHealth
A consortium led by IBS Moscow and including three openEHR vendors - Marand, Infinnity, and Ocean Informatics - has won the contract for the pilot of the Moscow city integrated medical information system.

openEHR Transition Update
The Interim Board of the openEHR Foundation has largely agreed the basis for going forward based on the face-to-face meeting in London and feedback from a number of parties.

Northern Territory Health deploys Shared EHR
Northern Territory Health has deployed a Shared Electronic Health Record system for over 50,000 remote indigenous people based on the Ocean Informatics EHR platform.

openEHR Foundation Meeting
openEHR Foundation Strategic Planning Seminar had focused on discussion of the current state of openEHR in order to develop both short and long term strategies.

ADL - syntax highlight for Notepad++
ADL syntax highlight for Notepad++ was developed by Armando Prieto from Venezuela.

Infection Control System deployed by Queensland Health
Infection Control system, Multiprac, for 22 large hospitals in Queensland based on the Ocean OceanEHR platform has been inmplemented.

ADL 1.5 Workbench - beta release 8
A new beta release of the ADL 1.5 Workbench is now available here. Release includes a complete makeover of the user interface, with numerous usability improvements, plus a number of compiler corrections.

HL7 Australia Seminar on Future HL7 Standards
This HL7 Australia "Future of eHealth Standards" Seminar outlined the recent developments in the use of openEHR Archetypes in HL7, the FHIR work (an Aussie development that is taking the global HL7 community by storm) as well as the Clinical Information Modeling Initiative (CIMI).

openEHR @ HINZ | New Zeland
Two days of strategic events on healthcare interoperability in June in New Zealand.

Brazil re-affirms commitment to openEHR
As part of operationalising chapter III of the government decree, a national EHR Workshop was held aimed at defining methods and standards to be used in the Brazilian EHR Project (RES-National). The conclusions were largely underpinned by openEHR.

Board statement on Clinical Knowledge Manager
What is Clinical Knowledge Manager? The Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM) application is used by the openEHR Foundation to provide governance of archetypes, templates and terminology reference sets, and to facilitate discussions and communication about these assets within the openEHR community.

Interconnected Health 2012
Interconnected Health 2012 will focus on approaches, challenges, and solutions affecting the ability to connect health organizations and systems, and the role of IT as an enabler in achieving this connectivity.

Web-based openEHR ambulatory care EHR system deployed in Brazil
P2D, Brazil, deploys web-based ambulantory care EHR to around 3,000 health professionals including doctors, physiotherapists, nurses and receptionists (primarily Brazilian College of Ophthalmologists).

Interim board announces new openEHR Program groups
The interim Board of Directors has now established 4 programs: Specifications, Software, Clinical Modelling and Localisation. Each Program has a Committee which will grow to up to 9 members and a list of Qualified Members to support each committee.

Creation of National Center for Archetypes in Bratislava
A National Center for Archetypes (NCA STU), specialising in knowledge structures for Slovak e-health, has been launched, supported by the management of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (STU) and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (FEI STU).

CIMI Forum - 5th meeting
CIMI held its 5th group meeting in San Antonio. Over 35 people attended in person with an additional 5 participants attending via WebEx.

CIMI goes with Archetypes & UML profile
The Clinical Information Modeling Initiative is an international collaboration that is dedicated to providing a common format for detailed specifications for the representation of health information content so that semantically interoperable information may be created and shared in health records.

Update on openEHR Governance
The new Board of Directors has met on four occasions and set the new directions for the Foundation. Personal changes have occured in the Board. Formal IP assignments of all the openEHR assets including all archetypes have been completed.

ADL 1.5 Workbench - beta release 4
A new beta release of the ADL 1.5 Workbench is now available here. Quite a lot of new features have been added, as described in the release notes. Please note that this release only includes a Windows build; Linux and Mac builds will follow in the next couple of weeks.

openEHR Transition Announcement
A new Interim Board of openEHR has been created to take openEHR to a new level of operations; a new structure, business model and governance.

MIE 2011
MIE 2011 is the 23rd International Conference of EFMI - the European Federation for Medical Informatics, and takes place in Oslo. The conference will cover various topics in the area of e-health, health informatics and telemedicine.

Message from the Chair of the openEHR Board
A Personal Message to the openEHR Community. I wrote here some time ago of my forthcoming retirement and our wish and intention, as a Board, to pass the mantle of openEHR to the best possible new leadership and ownership, from October 1st.

First open source release of openEHR.NET
The first release of openEHR.NET is available now. openEHR.NET is a C# implementation of the openEHR Reference Model and Archetype Model specifications, allowing developers to build openEHR applications by composing RM objects, validate against AM objects and serialise to/from XML.

ADL 1.5 Workbench - beta release 3
The latest beta of the ADL 1.5 Workbench for Windows, Mac and Linux can now be downloaded from the help page. It includes significant UI improvements, and an implementation of annotations as recently discussed on the lists.

OpenEHR sessions at HL7
Two openEHR sessions are scheduled at the next HL7 WGM in Sydney, both on Friday 14 January, the last day of the meeting.

Brazil chooses openEHR for EHR at all levels of government
Brazil has chosen to use openEHR and archetypes for the shareable EHR at three levels of government - federal, state and municipal.

Achetype Editor 2.2 beta release
A new beta release of the Archetype Editor is now available here. Bug fixes and enhancements are described in the release notes. Issues can be reported on the Problem Report tracker here.

openEHR / IHTSDO Update from the Board
At the end of August, the Foundation Board posted an announcement about progress of discussions with IHTSDO concerning governance of archetypes and SNOMED terminology, expecting to be in a position to report back by mid-October.

ADL 1.5 Workbench - beta release 2
A second beta of the ADL/AOM 1.5 Workbench has been released. The main feature added is support for regression testing of archetypes. A new SVN repository has been added that contains test archetypes as well as the object model schemas used to drive the ADL Workbench.

MedInfo 2010
MedInfo 2010 this year takes place in Cape Town, South Africa. The openEHR-related activities include a clinical modelling workshop and various presentations.

openEHR / IHTSDO explore IP integration, governance, SNOMED archetypes
The openEHR Foundation core team held a two-day meeting with senior representatives of the IHTSDO. The meeting explored the potential for integration of the IP held by the openEHR Foundation and that of the IHTSDO under the governance arrangements, internationally, of the IHTSDO.

ADL 1.5 Workbench - beta release
A new beta of the ADL Workbench (AWB) has been published. This version of the tool has been greatly improved from previous versions and has many new features. It also implements most of the ADL / AOM 1.5 draft specifications, which completely replace the ADL and AOM 1.4 vintage.

David Ingram interview with Talkstandards
In an exclusive interview with Talkstandards, Professor David Ingram of openEHR, outlines some of his expectations for the future of ICT in the health care sector.

8th Medical Open Source Software Seminar
It is a pleasure to announce the 8th Medical Open Source Software Seminar will take place in Tokyo.

IHTSDO and openEHR Begin Collaborative Work Programme
Organizations will explore how clinical terminologies and archetype-based record structures can best be aligned to support electronic health records.

OSHIP gets CLIPS decision support engine
The Open Source Health Information Platform (OSHIP) has integrated the "gold standard" forward chaining inference engine CLIPS in order to support complex decision support requirements.

MIE 2009
Various openEHR-related events are occurring at MIE 2009, this year at Sarajevo.

openEHR in £1.1m Wellcome Trust Sintero project
The openEHR health computing platform will be used as the basis of the core clinical repository for the Sintero project funded by a £1.1m grant from the Wellcome Trust.

openEHR at International Free Software Forum
Tim Cook has been selected as an invited lecturer at the 10th Edition of International Free Software Forum or fisl10, to be held at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC-RS) in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Opereffa - initial release
The openEHR Foundation is pleased to announce the early release of Opereffa - openEHR REFerence Framework and Application, under development at UCL.

PatientOS openEHR demo at virtual HIMSS
PatientOS Inc. will be demonstrating with a live system which users can log into, the interoperability between two distinct systems using openEHR Archetypes. turned off
The old URL has been turned off; use If you have an error when doing an SVN operation on a local repository, check if this is the initial part of the URL.

Microsoft Connected Health Framework (CHF) uses archetypes
The latest edition of Microsoft's Connected Health Framework - a strategy based on the idea of 'knowledge-driven health' - includes openEHR (ISO 13606-2) archetypes as part of its domain knowledge architecture.

New ADL Workbench release supports RM validation
A new version of the ADL Workbench ('AWB') based on the latest ADL / AOM 1.5 draft specifications has been released.

openEHR Release 1.0.2 published
The openEHR Foundation is pleased to announce Release 1.0.2 of the specifications.

CfH / NEHTA / Canada Health Infoway - openEHR presentation
Professor David Ingram (Head of CHIME, UCL, chair of openEHR Foundation) delivered an invited presentation at a workshop in Helsingor, Denmark.

openEHR / SNOMED CT training course
The CHIME department, University College London, is hosting a 2-day training course on openEHR and SNOMED CT.

Python / openEHR workshop, XVIII IEA World Congress of Epidemiology
There will be a 1.5 day workshop on openEHR using the Python implementation (aka. OSHIP) at the XVIII IEA World Congress of Epidemiology.

OSHIP / openEHR workshop
The International Workshop on Open Source Health Informatics Projects will take place this month in Brazil.

IHTSDO 2008 Summer Conference
This six-day international working conference is being hosted by NHS Connecting for Health to bring together IHTSDO's working group and project group members and members of National Release Centres from across the Globe.

Implementing SNOMED CT
This is a practical conference concerned with how todesign, implement, deploy, migrate, support and evolve computer applications that use SNOMED CT.

New openEHR Decision Support mailing list
A new openEHR Decision Support mailing list has been created. openEHR has only a small number of lists outside of the specific programming language sub-communities, and each is broad, reflecting a belief in the interdisciplinary nature of things.

openEHR Python project started
This week an upload of code from Tim Cook marks the start of the openEHR Python project. This project aims to produce an open source implementation of openEHR in Python.

MIE 2008
Various openEHR-related events are occurring at MIE 2008. A number of papers relating to archetypes and associated terminology issues are on the programme, as well as two openEHR-related tutorials.

First openEHR Ruby implementation released
Akimihci Tatsukawa and Shinji Kobayashi of announce the release of version 0.0.1 of a Ruby implementation of openEHR.

ADL Workbench 1.4.1 release
Release 1.4.1 of the Archetype Workbench is now available. This release includes some major new features.

Health IT press Australia: OpenEHR - The World's Record
An article on openEHR in Australia's Pulse+IT magazine, by Heather Leslie.

Vivici announce PHR
Vivici of the Netherlands announce their personal health record based on openEHR.

openEHR Archetype Editorial Group launched
The lead group for archetype authoring has been formed - the Archetype Editorial Group. This group will work with Sebastian Garde to finalise the process for the authoring of archetypes and begin the ratification of all archetypes.

openEHR at BCS Primary Health Care Specialist Group
Thomas Beale presented openEHR at the British Computer Society Primary Health Care Specialist Group conference in Oxford.

MedInfo 2007
There were 14 papers, workshops and posters at MedInfo 2007.

openEHR Release 1.0.1 published
The openEHR Foundation is pleased to announce Release 1.0.1 of the specifications. It is a stable base for ongoing implementation and forthcoming specifications.

UML of Release 1.0
On 16 March 2006 openEHR has released the UML diagrams of Release 1.0 incorporating changes from the public comment period.

openEHR Release 1.0 published
The openEHR Foundation is pleased to announce Release 1.0 of the specifications.

openEHR Release 0.96 published
Release 0.96 of the openEHR specifications is published today.

ADL Workbench release
The ADL reference parser is now available in the form of the ADL workbench, ADL validator application, dotNet DLL and Java (jni) DLL.

Initial release of Java kernel
The initial release of the java openEHR reference kernel is now available.

openEHR ARB formation
The Foundation has formally appointed an openEHR Architectural Review Board (ARB), with 8 members, to review future changes proposed to openEHR specifications and software.

openEHR Release 0.9 published
Version 0.9 of the openEHR specifications have been published.

Version control system adopted
openEHR public materials have been moved to a web-accessible version control system called BitKeeper, enabling reliable access and collaborative development on software and documents.

openEHR has 256 members
There are now 256 members from 42 countries - so we are a veritable international group! Thank you for your participation.

Foundation establishment
The openEHR Foundation has been established as a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee.

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AsciiDoctor (publishing) | GitHub (DVCS) | LAMP dev community