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What is openEHR?

openEHR is a standards framework for e‑health consisting of open technical specifications and clinical models that define an open EHR platform for healthcare and medical research. The principal architectural concepts include the patient-centric health record, clinical guidelines and decision support.

Solutions based on the published artefacts are implemented by vendors, provider institutions and research groups for use in various operational environments, including point of care, research projects and public health.

Benefits of the openEHR methodology and architecture include:

  • Domain professionals directly define the content and other semantics of implemented solutions rather than IT developers.
  • Application development may be largely be performed by low-code tools, enabling rapid development.
  • Interoperability is an automatic outcome of the platform architecture rather than an ad hoc case-by-case problem.
  • The platform approach enables a component-oriented healthcare IT economy based on published interfaces, which provides procurement the possibility of flexible and incremental purchasing from a wide variety of implementers.

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openEHR Programs


The Specification Program develops and maintains the technical specifications of the openEHR platform.

  • It is governed by the Specifications Editorial Committee (SEC) consisting of technical experts from openEHR implementer organisations
  • Governance follows a defined process, and is openly visible, including via Jira or wiki
  • The specifications are the basis of openEHR-based platform and tooling software, defining information models, querying language, guideline representation and APIs

Specifications site

Clinical Modelling

The Clinical Modelling Program develops and publishes archetypes, templates, terminology subsets and guidelines for use across healthcare.

  • The detailed clinical models are consumed at runtime by openEHR implementations
  • The work is perfomed by 2000+ volunteer healthcare professionals and clinical informaticians in the international Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM)
  • CKM contains 600+ clinical data models (ISO archetypes), defining 10,000+ data points
  • There are also 500+ guidelines

Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM)

openEHR CDS guideline site

Archetype designer


The Software Program supports the software development based on, or related to, the openEHR specifications.

  • Software published by the openEHR Software Program is published under the Apache 2.0 open source license
  • The focus is on core libraries and tooling to support platform implementations and modelling tool development

openEHR Github


The Education Program is under development and will support a core syllabus as well as accreditation of openEHR training and education professionals.

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