Education Program

Taking openEHR to the Masses

Mission: To take openEHR knowledge to the masses and build the openEHR skills the world needs.
Vision:A health and social care industry which understands, trusts and adopts openEHR.

The Education Program is managed by the Education Program Board (EPB), and is formally governed according to the rules and guidelines in its Terms of Reference (ToR).

Activities of the Education Program Board (EPB)

  • Recognition of openEHR Educators
    • Ensuring the skills of those providing openEHR / Education to deliver quality education
  • Identify the roles and skills needed to undertake defined roles in digital health associated with openEHR - in progress - due for delivery late 2023

Later developments

  • Manage delivery and certification individuals
    • ongoing professional development - based upon roles and skills project
  • Establish material and maintain web information to clarify the openEHR use case and need for skills