Clinical Program


The openEHR Clinical Program is governed according to its Terms of Reference document.


The openEHR Clinical Program has historically had a scope focussed on development of healthcare domain knowledge artefacts, including archetypes (data points and data groups), templates (data sets) and terminology subsets. These are freely available via the web-based Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM). The work has proceeded under the governance of a Clinical Models Editorial Group.

Clinical Program Reboot

By 2022, the growth in the use of openEHR clinical models and systems has led to the need to reformulate the Clinical Program. It will address an enlarged scope, including methodology, modelling, dissemination, and monitoring use in the field, and will have a newly constituted Clinical Program Board (CPB), created from public nominations. This Board will undertake the management of the Program overall, according to a formal terms of reference. See here for more information.

The clinical modelling activity, tools and repository of models found at the Clinical Knowledge Manager will come under the CPB when it is established.