Deployment - 40 NHS Trusts, 5 ICS, and 1,400 general practices

Country: United Kingdom

Customer: OneLondon

Vendor: Better


The Dynamic Care Plan brings together multiple electronic patient records, personal health records, or electronic palliative care coordination systems in standardised data fields and is accessible to all urgent care services. It is based on the openEHR standard that enables information and data sharing.  It enables integration with Acute and Community service Electronic Patient Records (EPRs) and Personal Health Records, as well as interoperability with existing systems and workflows in order for health and care professionals to be able to deliver efficient, timely, patient-centred care. Care plans are shared intially between NHS 111, Out-of-Hours, acute healthcare providers, care homes and primary care. The plan offers a single template for data entry with the ability to customise the format of the care plan, and the flexibility to design and edit care planning templates, including the underlying data fields. 

Deployment date: July 27, 2022


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