Deployment - The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Country: United Kingdom

Customer: The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Vendor: Better


NHS Christie trust uses openEHR to separate the data layer as the foundation for unifying cancer data into one patient-centric longitudinal record. This will enable improved direct care and structured storage of clinical data for research, innovation and AI purposes. The combined use of open FHIR APIs will support integration with regional and national partners. Using Better’s Digital Health Platform, they are unlocking rich data to be structured in an open format, accessible in real-time and providing a low-code forms environment with a modern user interface suitable for mobile devices. The low-code environment will support the acceleration of their EHR programme, which plans to streamline and migrate over 600 clinical forms onto the new platform using user-centred design principles, drawing on the skills of an in-house specialist e-forms team that works closely with clinical digital champions.

Deployment date: March 31, 2022


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