Enigma Health joins openEHR as Industry Partner

openEHR News | Nov. 23, 2023, 10:30 a.m.

We’re happy to welcome our latest Startup level industry partner: Enigma Health

Enigma Global eHealth platform creates a secure and private ehealth portal, facilitating seamless communication among patients, doctors, and health institutions and grants patients access to their personal digital vaccine passport in sync with their own EHR for life, anytime and anywhere around the globe. 

Founder, Remko Schats, is a passionate global health doctor, who has worked in missions treating tropical diseases in Ghana, Chad and Indonesia. Recognised by Dutch medical associations, and awarded for his malaria vaccine research, he launched Enigma last year. 

“Embracing the use of openEHR in Enigma Global eHealth accelerates the global transition to open data and optimal data availability in healthcare.” 

We look forward to working together with Remko and Enigma to drive innovation in healthcare technology and improve patient care

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