Catalonia plans open platform using openEHR

openEHR News | July 27, 2021, 3:06 p.m.

We are delighted that Catalonia Health Service has decided to use openEHR for it's new platform for health records in Catalonia.

The new model for health records will be to "provide a functional and technical platform that takes a longitudinal vision of the lifecycle of an individual and their contacts and journey within the health system. It then hopes to remove any separation of information and knowledge between health and care services." 

The current system for sharing information poses a “barrier to the systematic use of health data”, with “semantic interoperability being probably the biggest problem”. It also notes that “inconsistency in the definitions of the clinical information models” and their “technical representation in the persistence models” has led the region to decide to base this new electronic health record on the international standard openEHR.


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