Industry News

Marand platform in last 16 for best EU SME eHealth solution
Marand Think!EHR Platform chosen in last 16 from 150 entries for best eHealth solution by an EU SME

Marand Think!Med adds SMART
Marand adds the Harvard SMART API to enable it to offer both the SMART Pediatric Growth Chart and SMART Blood Pressure Centiles apps

Think!EHR Platform certifies four IHE profiles
At the recently concluded IHE Connectathon 2013 held in Istanbul, Turkey, Marand's Think!EHR Platform™ v2.1 received certification for four IHE Integration profiles.

IBS and Moscow city to host second openEHR Workshop
The second part of a series of seminars on the use of the international open standard medical management, storage and exchange of electronic medical records (openEHR) will be hosted in Moscow.

IBS consortium including three openEHR vendors to build Moscow eHealth
A consortium led by IBS Moscow and including three openEHR vendors - Marand, Infinnity, and Ocean Informatics - has won the contract for the pilot of the Moscow city integrated medical information system.

Northern Territory Health deploys Shared EHR
Northern Territory Health has deployed a Shared Electronic Health Record system for over 50,000 remote indigenous people based on the Ocean Informatics EHR platform.

Infection Control System deployed by Queensland Health
Infection Control system, Multiprac, for 22 large hospitals in Queensland based on the Ocean OceanEHR platform has been inmplemented.

Brazil re-affirms commitment to openEHR
As part of operationalising chapter III of the government decree, a national EHR Workshop was held aimed at defining methods and standards to be used in the Brazilian EHR Project (RES-National). The conclusions were largely underpinned by openEHR.

Web-based openEHR ambulatory care EHR system deployed in Brazil
P2D, Brazil, deploys web-based ambulantory care EHR to around 3,000 health professionals including doctors, physiotherapists, nurses and receptionists (primarily Brazilian College of Ophthalmologists).

CIMI goes with Archetypes & UML profile
The Clinical Information Modeling Initiative is an international collaboration that is dedicated to providing a common format for detailed specifications for the representation of health information content so that semantically interoperable information may be created and shared in health records.

Brazil chooses openEHR for EHR at all levels of government
Brazil has chosen to use openEHR and archetypes for the shareable EHR at three levels of government - federal, state and municipal.

IHTSDO and openEHR Begin Collaborative Work Programme
Organizations will explore how clinical terminologies and archetype-based record structures can best be aligned to support electronic health records.

openEHR in £1.1m Wellcome Trust Sintero project
The openEHR health computing platform will be used as the basis of the core clinical repository for the Sintero project funded by a £1.1m grant from the Wellcome Trust.

Microsoft Connected Health Framework (CHF) uses archetypes
The latest edition of Microsoft's Connected Health Framework - a strategy based on the idea of 'knowledge-driven health' - includes openEHR (ISO 13606-2) archetypes as part of its domain knowledge architecture.

Vivici announce PHR
Vivici of the Netherlands announce their personal health record based on openEHR.