Industry partner OpusVL shares health data vision on Gaia-X podcast

Community News | Sept. 28, 2022, 8:25 a.m.

On the first episode of Gaia-X’s “Health Data Space” podcast series, OpusVL Founder/CEO Stuart J Mackintosh discussed a variety of key points surrounding the future of how health data is stored on a global scale

In the wide-ranging chat, Stuart outlines the importance of a standards-based approach and the key challenges facing this space, such as siloed data and fragmentation.

He delves into the potential of standardisation, the Open Approach and what this could mean for health records, how traditional barriers and challenges can be removed from a policy perspective, whilst highlighting the significance of transparency, openness and the lack of value in lock-in.

Stuart hammers home the critical point that “the way data is stored is key” and summarises the discussion by reminding listeners what it’s all about by saying: “overall in the health sector, of course it’s about improving patient outcomes”.

You can listen to Stuart’s full conversation with Gaia-X on the podcast here.

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