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Reference Model (RM) - Release-1.0.3


Specification Description


The information model of the openEHR EHR.

Demographic IM

The openEHR demographics information model.

Common IM

Information model containing common concepts, including the archetype-enabling LOCATABLE class, party references, audits and attestations, change control, and authored resources.

Data Structures IM

Information model of data structures, incuding a powerful model of time-series data.

Data Types IM

Information model of data types, including quantities, date/times, plain and coded text, time specification, multimedia and URIs.

Support IM

Support model defining identifiers, assumed types, and terminology interface specification used in the rest of the IMs.

Integration IM

Information model for representing legacy data is a free-form Entry type for implementing integration solutions.

EHR Extract IM

The information model of the EHR Extract, which is a serilialisation of content from an EHR.

Computable Expressions

Resource Description

source files / XMI

UML file for MagicDraw 18.1. Contains UML 2.5 standard XMI file.

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Model org.openehr.rm

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