openEHR XML Schema Release 1.0 candidate

Complex Type: EVENT

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Super-types:LOCATABLE < EVENT (by extension)
XML Instance Representation

archetype_node_id="bt:archetypeNodeId [1]">

<name> bt:DV_TEXT </name> [1]
<uid> bt:OBJECT_ID </uid> [0..1]
<feeder_audit> bt:FEEDER_AUDIT </feeder_audit> [0..1]
<links> LINK </links> [0..*]
<time> bt:DV_DATE_TIME </time> [1]
<data> ITEM_STRUCTURE </data> [1]
<state> ITEM_STRUCTURE </state> [0..1]
Schema Component Representation
<xs:complexType name="EVENT" abstract="true">
<xs:extension base="LOCATABLE">
<-- As an ISO 8601string yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss, allows for all dates, times and partials-->
<xs:element name="time" type="bt:DV_DATE_TIME"/>
<xs:element name="data" type="ITEM_STRUCTURE"/>
<-- State data should be collected at the time of each event - on occassions where state data is collected independently than the data itself the state attribute of observation class allows the event model to be used for state data. It is not possible to have event state (this element) and history state in OBSERVATION in the same Observation class. -->
<xs:element name="state" type="ITEM_STRUCTURE" minOccurs="0"/>