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List of Specifications


The following tables define deliverables of Specification Program.


Component Documentary Specification Description
Standards conformance ISO 18308 Conformance statement Document describing conformance of openEHR architecture to ISO TS 18308, "Requirements for EHR Architectures".
Architecture Overview
"Read me first" document for the whole architecture. provides a summary of the reference, archetype and service models, and describes global semantics.
Reference Model EHR IM The information model of the openEHR EHR.
  EHR Extract IM The information model of the EHR Extract, which is a serilialisation of content from an EHR.
  Common IM Information model containing common concepts, including the archetype-enabling LOCATABLE class, party references, audits and attestations, change control, and authored resources.
  Data Structures IM Information model of data structures, incuding a powerful model of HISTORY and EVENT.
  Data Types IM Information model of data types, including quantities, date/times, plain and coded text, time specification, multimedia and URIs.
  Support IM Support model defining identifiers, assumed types, and terminology interface specification used in the rest of the specifications.
Archetype Model ADL 1.4 Abstract syntax specification for archetypes 1.4 edition of language (used in ISO 13606-2).
  AOM 1.4 Object model of archetypes corresponding to ADL 1.4.
  ADL 1.5 ADL 1.5 draft: ADL now includes dedicated section on specialisation, many new examples, improved descriptions and corrections of errors.
  AOM 1.5 AOM 1.5 draft - the AOM description now includes uniquely identified formally testable validity conditions (suitable for output by compilers), revised primitive types, improved ontology section, and constraint model extended to represent differential archetypes.
  Template model Object model of templates.
Service Model EHR Service, etc  
Terminology openEHR Vocabulary Documentary form of the openEHR terminology, which is a set of vocabularies and code sets used by the reference and archetype models.
Querying Archetype Query Language, a-path  
Guidelines and  Decision Support Guideline Definition Language (GDL) A language for expressing computable guidelines for use with decision support components.


Component Documentary Specification Description
XML XML development guide  
  TDS (XSD) specification  
Java Java development guide Guide to java implementation of openEHR.
  TDO specification  
  Lightweight JSON specification  
.Net .Net development guide  
  TDO specification  
Form languages Form generation specification  
  User interface specifications  
Software Development TBD  
Standards Interfaces
ISO 13606 standardised mapping / converged model  
HL7v2 Standard openEHR template library for message interfacing  
HL7 CDA Transformationalgorithms  
ASTM CCR Standard archetype / template expression.  

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