Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM) Release 1.18.0

Community News | Oct. 12, 2022, 12:40 p.m.

Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM) Release 1.18.0, provided by openEHR Industry Partner Ocean Health Systems, incorporates the changes of a total of 91 Jira Cards: 34 cards with new or significantly enhanced functionality, 35 mostly minor bug fixes and 22 changes “under the hood” of CKM, giving a myriad of improvements and extensions for CKM Editors and Clinical Knowledge Administrators, including:-

  • Reusable review invitation templates that enable editors to setup new review rounds faster and more consistently.
  • Editors can now add additional (e.g. motivating) text directly to the review invitation email sent to the potential reviewers to increase the likelihood of reviewers participating.
  • Editors collaborating as a team are now able to display the various revision changes for each review feedback element to better support editor collaboration during the review feedback process.
  • Editors also benefit from an improved user interface to update contributors of archetypes, and a variety of other smaller improvements like improved warnings displayed before committing or publishing a resource, about uploading a resource to an outdated branch BEFORE submitting.
  • Normal Users benefit from the new release in many ways. The Archetype Data Points report has been enhanced and its performance has been improved significantly, the internal terminology client has been upgraded to support LOINC 2.72, the Welcome Emails have been improved, the Template Resource Centre has been cleaned up and the Archetype and Template Resource Centres now support JSON as Sample Data.

While maybe less relevant in the international context, CKM administrators can now bulk create and update users via uploading a CSV File - which is useful for national or regional programs as well as hospital groups using CKM for review purposes.

Various parts of CKM have been finetuned visually, with an improved and harmonised visual distinction of secondary headers in various CKM tabs, finetuned various project and subdomain related displays, improved the layout of the sticky note style (as used on the Dashboard and for editor comments), folded the ADL and XML tabs into one and finetuned some icons and various texts. Also, a new CKM theme based on navy blue & teal blue colours has been developed that can be configured for each CKM instance.

The REST API of the Clinical Knowledge Manager has been extended, for example by adding the ability to update the template status and by adding the semantic version numbers of the latest and latest published version to the listing of archetypes.

Minor bugs have been fixed in this release, most notably perhaps a fix to the Drag and Drop functionality when uploading files and improved support for Code System implicit FHIR® Value Sets which were not always automatically updated if cached from an external Terminology Server (such as Ontoserver®) connected to CKM.

“Under the hood” changes of CKM such as improved resilience of asynchronous mail sending if the configured mail server is temporarily unavailable, reworked and enhanced CKM connection handling and pooling, internal streamlining of the complete review invitation process, and a reworked subdomain export service that streamlines - and thus also significantly improves the speed of - the resource export for larger subdomains.

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