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This space is for discussions on how the openEHR online community works, including the website, mailing lists, this wiki and other resources.


Intellectual Property (IP) Rights and Licenses

openEHR Localisation

Other openEHR.xx websites


URI policy

Some notes from Erik Sundvall:

Please just make sure we don't do anything stupid to incoming links from other sites. "Daisy" or any other system we deploy now or in the future will only be in control of openEHRs own site not all valuable links created from other sites. Please do this experiment:
Go to (or
enter the search term link:|../../../../../../../../../../||||||||||\ (I got 816 results of incoming links)
Then consider that many sites will link deep into different pages in the structure, for example again in Altavista enter the term link:|FAQs/t_archetypes_FAQ.htm||||||||||\ (I got 42 results)

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