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Dear colleagues, this is my home planet in the galaxy of openEHR!

I am mostly interested in clinical modelling and creating 'real-world' applications based on this. My research involves investigating software maintainability of openEHR based clinical applications. I am also keen on contributing to specifications as I believe open standards are sooooo important.

I have been modelling detailed endoscopy archetypes based on an international terminology standard called the Minimal Standard Terminology in Digestive Endoscopy (MST). I am currently running a research project (GastrOS)at the University of Auckland where we are developing an openEHR based application using C# and .Net.

We will shortly release the code for GastrOS as open source; but the project site is already up on SourceForge where you can find documentation and knowledge artefacts.

The GastrOS Project


MST Endoscopy Archetypes

Software Measurement & Maintainability


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