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Component Specifications Index

Component Description
CDS Clinical Decision Support - specifications for guidelines and related languages, including GDL.
PROC Process Model - specifications for Care pathways, Task planning, Care plans and clinical workflow.
QUERY Query language specifications, including AQL.
INTG Integration specifications, including TDS and TDO.
SM Service Model - service and application programming interface (API) specifications.
AM Archetype Model (1.4 and 2) - Archetype formalism syntax (ADL), object model (AOM), templates (OPT), and Identification.
RM Reference Model - the core information models of the EHR, Demographics and EHR Extract
BASE Base models and languages underpinning other specifications; includes BMM, ODIN.
TERM openEHR support terminology, used by the RM and other components.

Implementation Technology Specification (ITS)

SPECITS Jira project | Roadmap | Issues

Specification Artefact type Description Status
REST APIs Apiary API definitions REST API for EHR access, querying, definitions (including archetypes, templates, AQL queries) and CDS. Rendered from Apiary (apib) files. development
Reference Model XSDs XML schema 1.0 expression of the Reference Model. stable
Archetype Model 1.4 XSDs XML schema 1.0 expression of ADL/AOM 1.4. stable
Templating (OET based) OET XSD | Java OET parser Simple XML format for templates. trial
Archetype Model 2.x XSDs XML schema 1.1 expression of ADL/AOM 2. development


SPECCNF Jira project | Roadmap | Issues

Documentary Specification Description Status
openEHR Platform Conformance Conformance schedule and profiles for EHR platform implementations. wiki page
Archetype tooling Conformance profiles for Archetype tooling. wiki page

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