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EHR System Components

Project Description Technology Access License Support
REST API platform
EhrScape openEHR health data platform, providing a rich service framework that allows you to build innovative health apps in a web friendly environment. (more). Java Support
EHR back-end persistence and services
EtherCIS (Ethereal Clinical Information System) is an Open Source platform compatible with the openEHR standard. It is designed to allow simple interactions with clients using RESTful API and persist clinical data in a separate DB engine. (more). Java, Postgres VM image on request Apache 2.0 Support
Project page
EHRServer is an open source, service‐oriented, openEHR clinical data repository. It provides a secure REST API to store and query clinical data in many ways, supporting standard formats like JSON and XML, that are easy to integrate with any front‐end application. Data queries can be created via the Administrative User Interface, with the powerful and easy to use EHRServer Query Builder. EHRServer complies with the openEHR specifications , leveraging the openEHR Information Model and the Dual Modeling methodology, using standard Archetypes and Templates. Grails, Groovy, Java, PHP, JavaScript Cloud Apache 2.0 Forum
An implementation of the openEHR ADL2 and AOM 2 specifications. Java, Antlr3 Affero GPL 3 Issues
An implementation of the openEHR ADL2 and AOM 2 specifications and the Reference Model. (more). Java, Antlr4 Apache 2 Issues
A reference implementation of openEHR Reference Model, ADL 1.4, AOM 1.4 specifications and other core semantics. This library is the core of most other Java implementations of openEHR. Java, Javacc Downloads MPL 2.0/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1 Issues
open EHR-Gen
Google Code
A framework for generating medical record systems based on openEHR Grails, Groovy, Java Downloads Apache 2.0 Issues

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